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Sanitary ware purchase considerations


1, the overall shape, good bathroom basin faucet not only to be beautiful in appearance, but also to conform to the human body function, comfortable to use. The mold, equipment and design capabilities of the manufacturer are the determining factors. High-level manufacturers generally use imported molds.

2, look at sanitary ware accessories: copper water parts,anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance and leakage performance are greatly improved. The water parts of brand-name sanitary ware are supplied by professional manufacturers.

3, look at the spout of sanitary ware : spout is  the sanitary ware directly determine the effect of the spout of the sanitary ware. The imported glaze is used. The surface of the glazed layer is smooth and delicate, full of texture and crystal clear. It looks very comfortable. Moreover, the sanitary ware has a strong self-cleaning ability and a low water permeability. The upper and lower-grade sanitary wares are also glazed on the inner wall of the water pipe and the inner wall of the water tank. This is very important to prevent the toilet from being dirty. However, this process is very difficult, and the domestic brands are rarely able to do it. An important indicator of the grade of sanitary ware.

The above content is the introduction of the  sanitary ware and the considerations for the purchase of sanitary wares for everyone. This is for everyone's reference. I believe that after reading this article, I understand that I hope to provide some suggestions to friends who are purchasing sanitary ware. For more exciting home improvement content, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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