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Common flush valve collocation skills


Common flush valve collocation skills: 

1, fast off flush valve, you can turn off the flush valve at any time under human control can be applied to the toilet tank, it is by means of gravity valve, or by virtue of elastic force quickly close the flush valve . Due to its quick closing function, it ensures that the water in the water tank is not emptied once to achieve the water saving effect. It can be used to make water-saving toilets that use almost no fresh tap water. The utility model provides a two-speed time-delay flushing valve which is mainly composed of a valve body, a button, a valve stem, a delay component and the like. The utility model is characterized in that on the basis of the prior art, In the operation of the valve body diameter or button set two physical limit unit, and makes the button around the stem with a certain deflection function, by controlling the length of the button stroke to control the amount of flushing, so that users can according to The actual need to adjust water consumption, both to meet the health requirements, but also save a lot of water resources, in line with the current trend of environmental protection, and economical, wide range of applications. 

3, can hide the flush valve in the wall, the utility model discloses a flushing valve can be hidden in the wall, designed to provide a embedded in the wall, do not take up space, easy maintenance flush The utility model adopts the technical proposal that the flushing valve can hide the wall body, and comprises a valve body and a valve core assembly with a water inlet and a water outlet, the valve core assembly body is covered with a gland with a gland Of the valve body assembly can be installed and removed from the open end of the valve body mounting hole and removed through the gland and the body mounting screw threaded mounting hole with the mounting hole is fixed in the mounting hole The threaded fitting surface is provided with a sealing ring, the valve body mounting hole has an open end extending through the body wall billet installation bit annular mud wall, the valve body mounting hole opening end with a decorative cover; The utility model is widely applicable In various forms of flush valve. 

4, touch the button flush valve, a touch-button flush valve, including the inlet channel 2, the outlet channel 3, steel wire 1, the valve pad 5, the valve plug 6, bonnet 4, button 7, back The spring 8, the end cap 9, the outlet end 15 of the water outlet passage 3 and the outlet end 16 of the water inlet passage 2 is provided with a valve gasket 5, which is fixed and sealed by the valve cover 4, A valve plug 6 connected with the steel wire 1 is arranged in the pressure chamber 11 formed by the cover 4. The utility model is characterized in that a reinforcing plate 13 is arranged outside the valve pad 5 and the central hole 14 and the side hole 12 on the reinforcing plate 13 pass through the valve The rubber pad 5 extends into the water inlet channel 2 and the water outlet channel 3, the steel wire 1 connects the valve plug 6 and the button 7, passes through the central hole 14 on the reinforcing sheet 13, a return spring 8 is disposed inside the button 7, The button 7 is fixed and sealed by the end cap 9 at the control boss end 17 of the water inlet passage 2 and the water outlet passage 3. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and labor saving.

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